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Under the name Sonic Mystery we create a world famous music, which you can listen, download and share for personal use.
Our services are music licensing for commercial use and recognized professional audio production.
We are a trusted name for many famous companies, production houses, institutions, artists and millions of listeners.
More at www.sonicmystery.com .



Relaxation through dance, movement and breathing exercises for a better life energy flow.


Relaxation through singing, playing instruments, movement and breathing exercises.


Relaxation through different energy and breathing workouts in natural environment.


Relaxation through universal energy, gentle manual moves and ambient music.


»Dejan was one of my first coaches and even today he is my coach, advisor and a friend.
We started with individual training in elementary school and continued in high school.
Late in the evenings we paid attention to the details of the individual technique.
It was not until later that I saw how much progress I had made compared to peers and later on abroad amongst others.
Dejan has a very personal, friendly and positive approach. He helps me in my basketball and my personal growth.
He is some kind of a connection between the basic and the higher level.«

(Triglav · Slovenia, Slovan · Slovenia, Šenčur · Slovenia, Alicante · Spain, Gran Canaria · Spain, Speyer · Germany, U19 Slovenia National Team Player)

»The first time I met Dejan was in the youth national team quite a few years ago.
As an assistant coach he did his job perfectly. He was a silent connection between us, the players and the coach.
He knew how to encourage us and to reassure us when things did not go according to the plan.
He also taught us the elements of basketball. When the training was very tiring and difficult, he organized gatherings.
It was at that time that I became aware of the fact that team buildings are very important for the success of the team.«

(Athlete Celje · Slovenia, Gospić · Croatia, Novi Zagreb · Croatia, Gesam Gas Lucca · Italy, Senior Slovenia National Team Player, Euroleague Player)


Provital, Dejan Bucalo s.p., Goriče 41, 4204 Golnik, Slovenia, European Union
ID TAX NUMBER: 21111669, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 051008013112743, IBAN: SI56051008013112743, SWIFT: ABANSI2X
E mail: here , GSM: 00386 41 83 88 77


Dejan Bucalo has 24 years of experience in the energy practice, 21 years in basketball coaching and 30 years as a musician.
He gained diplomas in energy therapy Usui Reiki, manual therapy Bowen, energy workout Tai Ji, Basketball Coaching, Music Production and Sound Engineering.
He is a founder of Sonic Mystery and teaches music relaxation workout, energy relaxation workout in nature and relaxation therapy.

Urška Bucalo has been a dancer for 11 years. She cooperates with famous dancers and performs like solo artist .
She gained a diploma in energy therapy Usui Reiki. She gained a diploma in geography (University of Ljubljana).
She is a member of Sonic Mystery and teaches dance relaxation workout, music relaxation workout and energy relaxation workout in nature.